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In harmony with RAPiD’s objectives, the organisation is implementing the Youth Development Program (YDP) which is designed to target the youth of Ghana in junior and senior high schools across the country. The program aims to help develop young people for leadership and inspire useful initiatives among them towards community service with essence of voluntarism.

With youth groups or clubs at the center, the YDP adopts a systematic approach to identifying ideas that qualify feasible solutions to existing problems as recognised by respective communities in cooperation with suitable public institutions. This further empowers the youth to be actively involved in the decision making processes which include the identification and resolution of pressing communal problems, and further influence path ways through consistent follow ups with responsible authorities until the problem is fixed.

The objectives of the YDP are set to be achieved through the mechanism known as Club Formation and Administration. Youth Clubs (Young Developers’ Club) are formed and administered in each participating school as this mechanism remains the main medium through which the YDP is operationalised, monitored and appraised. Thus the Young Developers Clubs, through effective mentoring from RAPiD officials and collaborating resource persons, will be managed and administered by the students in their bid to drive and own the changes they seek out of problems they identify. Through this process, students are expected to be fostered with the following advantages;

  • Develop their abilities for critical thinking and analytics to problem solving either as an individual or group responsibility;
  • Enhance interpersonal skills and the potential for the development of a strong support network of concerned youth while instilling core national values such as honesty, integrity, discipline, selfless commitment, patriotism, moral courage, emotional intelligence and loyalty;
  • Students’ involvement enhance their sense of belonging and nurture them with self-confidence and self-esteem in consideration of their clubs’ achievements;
  • Cultivate basic professional skills emerging from development of their organisational capabilities as well as experience in relation to cooperating public and private institutions.

Under this mechanism, RAPiD also seeks to cause the target group to understand the role of reward for reinforcement and as such integrate an award scheme into the YDP. RAPiD will recognise the efforts of the club and members by awarding the sensational performances each quarter within individual clubs and on a grand scale the Annual Achievement Awards to be contested among Youth Development Clubs from different schools.

Youth Development Program


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