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First Aid & Basic Life Support

Current statistics and reports indicate a high prevalence of mortality and morbidity as a result of road traffic accident (RTA). It is also a fact that the first responders to the scene of accidents play an important role in the preservation of life if they are...

Youth Development Program

In harmony with RAPiD’s objectives, the organisation is implementing the Youth Development Program (YDP) which is designed to target the youth of Ghana in junior and senior high schools across the country. The program aims to help develop...

Policy and Implementations

RAPiD aims to evaluate current policies and advocate for change where lapses have been identified. We also seek to ensure the maintenance of the established peace and democracy in our country by making sure that development and infrastructure...

Articles and Opinions

As citizens, not spectators, we all have a opinions and concerns. Our thoughts and feedback on social media and other circles, go a long way to influence change in the right places. We may all not share the same opinions or ideologies as our ...


About RAPiD Ghana

The Regional Advocacy for Public Development (RAPiD) is a non partisan, non affiliated and not for profit organisation formed in response to the growing concerns of the steady devaluation of the quality of life in Ghana. Read more

Address: Caprice, Nsawam Road, House # C516/1A, Kpehe, Accra.

Phone: (+44) 7738 610 635


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