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Current statistics and reports indicate a high prevalence of mortality and morbidity as a result of road traffic accident (RTA). It is also a fact that the first responders to the scene of accidents play an important role in the preservation of life if they are First Aid trained.

While the Ghana government government and other institutions explore ways to proactively mitigate the problem high the prevalence of RTA, there is also an urgent need to equip the "First Responders" to an accident with the necessary basic skills to preserve life. To this end, RAPiD is has embarked on a national campaign to train members of the public in First Aid and Basic Life Support. We have visited schools, organisations and institutions to conduct these trainings free of charge. We are currently in line to train the Ghana Police, churches, GPRTU staff, drivers etc.

We hope that this will create the necessary awareness and understanding of our moral, legal and financial responsibilities as citizens of Ghana.

Lizzy Sports Center (Owned by the Former France International Footballer, Marcel Desailly)

Anyriwase LA School, Volta Region

Avenui EP Primary School, Volta Region


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