Registered in Ghana No: CG085742014. UK Companies House No: 09230833

We make students understand the topics we discuss by demonstrating it or putting them in real life situations.

GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY- You don’t need to be perfect to correct a wrong. We are building generational thinkers for our motherland.

RAPiD Ghana back from The Eastern Region. Kitase is just 2mins drive from The Peduase Lodge.


About RAPiD Ghana

The Regional Advocacy for Public Development (RAPiD) is a non partisan, non affiliated and not for profit organisation formed in response to the growing concerns of the steady devaluation of the quality of life in Ghana. Read more

Address: Caprice, Nsawam Road, House # C516/1A, Kpehe, Accra.

Phone: (+44) 7738 610 635


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