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I'm beginning to believe there's something really wrong with the African mind. Maintenance is alien to our culture. Therefore, when it's done once, we must do the usual......DRUM, DANCE and MAKE MERRY!

Again, the selfish and spineless cowards are aiming to create fear and division amongst people, but they have failed miserably because humanity will be even more united than ever.

Why do some Christians despise others because their concept of God is different from the traditional Christian teaching?

I just don't get it in this world anymore. People are so power hungry that even when a family comes together to unite, share, care, be concerned for each other, feel each other's pain and be binded in love, you find positions like Chairpersons, Secretaries and all the bureaucratic hierarchies that you find in institutions. Some people always want to feel important even when it comes to family.


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