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The Lead Coordinator of RAPiD Ghana, Smart Kwaku Takyi Nixon, was honoured by Vodafone Ghana Foundation for impacting lives. The award was presented by Dr Joyce Aryee.

Congratulations!!! We are immensely proud of you!

Back from the Volta Region

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It started as a journey to see some deprived communities in the Volta Region. Upon reaching the town, our team members realized the state and condition of the natives of this land and decided to have a word or two with them. Tekpevia is a small village which has no school but a hut which serves as a place for learning and church services on the weekend.

Stephen and Mark, our RAPID team members sought to harness a good relationship with the people of the land so that they will have the warmest reception on their next visit. According to reports, teachers decline to teach in the village so a good Samaritan has taken it upon himself to pay the available teachers 50cedis a month just to have some of the kids educated at the end of the day.

RAPID is poised on visiting Tekpevia again with a plan to invest in the people.

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We believe in the people. We would not leave the kids to the deficiencies in the society. We don't just have to talk about it. We need to do something about it. At RAPID, we go beyond talking to doing. You can also jump on board and spend just an hour or two of your time to invest in these young ones.

RAPID......Investor In People

Class session - Topic: Honesty

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We make students understand the topics we discuss by demonstrating it or putting them in real life situations. Most at times, you would get the honest responses when reality hits you. We involve our participants in the exercise for them to learn the importance of core values. Lead Coordinator Smart Takyi Nixon for the Youth Development Program takes students of St. K Michaels School down memory lane to teach them a lesson.

What is your greatest lesson on honesty? Share with us today

RAPID......Investor In People

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GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY- You don’t need to be perfect to correct a wrong. We are building generational thinkers for our motherland. Ghana isn’t a failed state as some people think. We can all contribute our quota to nation building even if it is minutes, hours, or days. We were at St K. Michael’s School, Nii Boi town, Lapaz last Friday and it was awesome. We dealt with topics like discipline and honesty which is very rare in our country today. The core values of an individual is the paramount thing in his or her upbringing. If we don’t get it right, there will be a lot of wrongs in society.

Join us as we spread the message with our Youth Development Program in Junior and Senior High Schools in Ghana.

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Confidence is a rare value in the lives of many that live. Arrogance has most at times been misconstrued to be confidence. Confidence is the belief in oneself and ability. Lead Cordinator Smart Takyi  and team member Stephen Anokwafo shared 5 P’s of life and 6 steps to build confidence with the students of Divine Wisdom Academy School and St K. Michaels School.

The 5 Ps

  1. Performance
  2. Poor
  3. Prevents
  4. Planning
  5. Prior

Six Steps to Building Confidence 

  1. Act the part
  2. Dress the part
  3. Speak assertively
  4. Take action
  5. Think Positive
  6. Be Prepared

Not everybody might need us today but someone does. Invest in a life the RAPID way.

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